Direct Mail Campaign Solves Revenue Shortfall for Salvation Army


The Challenge

Coming off a soft Christmas fundraising season, the Massachusetts Division of The Salvation Army faced a revenue shortfall.  They needed a fresh infusion of support in the spring.

The Strategy


A business-minded donor agreed to contribute $3 for every $1 given by other donors, up to a total of $200,000.  A relatively small group of high value and mid-level donors was selected to receive the “Triple Impact” campaign — a multi-touch campaign that included an Impact Report on the array of services provided throughout the state.  The goal was to raise $66,667 from these donors in order to secure the full amount of $200,000 from the Challenge Donor.

The Result

The Massachusetts Division received more than $210,000 in gift revenue — more than triple the original goal of $66,667 — all at a cost of only $.08 to raise $1.00. 

Meyer Partners provides us with the tools we need to achieve and balance our fundraising priorities: donor retention, net revenue, upgrading and planned giving.
— Kirk Schroeder | Annual Fund director, The Salvation Army Massachusetts Division

In addition, one donor was inspired by this campaign to contribute another gift of $200,000, essentially matching the original Challenge Donor’s $200,000.  The campaign far exceeded expectations and more than made up for the revenue shortfall of the preceding fall.

Gary Ricke