Engaging the Mid-Level Donor

Typically moves management strategies have been reserved for major donors, but what about the mid-level donors? Mid-level donors can vary from organization to organization but in my experience, it seems the $500 to $4,999 range is most common.  

We all know that mid-level donors have one of the biggest opportunities for growth, yet often they are the forgotten ones.  Many fundraisers haven’t figured out what strategies will work best to engage this group further.

Enter the donor cycle for moves management:

Major gift officers and executive directors know these moves management steps like the back of their hand when it comes to major donors, but how do we utilize these tactics with mid-level donors on a larger and less time intensive scale?

#1 Identify what dollar level will qualify someone as a mid-level donor at your organization and also how you will regularly report to your development staff the new donors at this level.

#2 Qualify and rank those mid-level donors through modeling and screenings to identify those who have the greatest potential for increased giving and prioritize the portfolios of the mid and/or major gift officers.

#3 Create a cultivation strategy that outlines a monthly communication plan for gift officers to communicate regularly and efficiently with the mid-level donors by phone, mail and email.

#4 Make the ask – by phone, mail and/or email, whatever is appropriate for your donors!

#5 Follow up with personal and prompt thank you letters and phone calls, followed by continued stewardship through donor impact reports with personal notes/emails, event invitations, birthday cards, etc.

With some planning and use of technology the moves management strategies can be implemented with your mid-level donors to provide personalized touchpoints without it being a time intensive process. The planning and communication needs can also be outsourced to lighten the load on your staff.

By treating mid-level donors with this donor-centric moves management process, you will ensure your donors feel informed and appreciated and their gifts will reflect it.  At the same time, you will be building a strong pipeline for future mid and major gift support to increase overall and future revenue.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways Meyer Partners can help engage your mid-level donors, please contact me at alyssa.jefferies@meyerpartners.com or 312-635-7011.

John Payne